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Stud, Hoop or Drop Earrings: What to Wear and When

Stud, Hoop or Drop Earrings: What to Wear and When

Adding a new pair of earrings is a quick and easy way to spice up your outfit. Earrings have been a popular kind of personal jewellery for both sexes since the dawn of civilization. Thankfully, we’ve progressed from using bony, animal-based materials to more refined, precious metal-based ones.

Earrings are worn for a variety of reasons; some are to create a fashion statement, others to improve one’s overall appearance, and still others have cultural or customary functions. Some of us are so ingrained in our identities that we can’t fathom venturing out of the house without them.

You will want to accessorize your piercings, whether they are traditional ear lobes or more unusual locations like the tragus, helix, or other parts of your ear.

How To Wear Different Types Of Earrings

Here at Glyters, we have an extensive collection of earrings tailored to your individual style and preferences. Do you know the difference between studs, hoops, and drop earrings? Are you able to combine diverse styles?

What follows is an analysis of the key distinctions between these styles, as well as recommendations for when to wear each.

Stud earrings – forever in style

No matter what you’re wearing them with, stud earrings will always be a safe bet. They are perfect for any event or outfit, thanks to their understated elegance and versatility. Studs with a hoop or drop style will complement many piercings beautifully.

A neat and understated appearance may be required of you by your employer at all times. You might want to leave your chandelier or hoop earrings at home if you work in a more conventional, conservative profession like banking or law.

Alternatively, try a pair of stud earrings, such as our sterling silver cz studs or our 9ct gold infused ball studs. Our rose-accented sterling silver cubic zirconia swirl stud earrings would be the perfect accessory for your work attire, if your employment allowed.

Your choice of stud earrings for the workplace should be understated in terms of style and color. Make sure your choice of earrings doesn’t draw attention to yourself or others. We advise you to wait until the workday ends at 5 o’clock in the afternoon to show off your sparkling diamond earrings.

Stud earrings

Hoops: a versatile accessory for every occasion

Hoop earrings have also been popular for a very long time because of their classic style. Cats in ancient Egypt even sported them! The size of your hoops conveys the impression you wish to make, whether it’s little and understated or big and bold.

These basic hoop earrings, which are 9 carat yellow gold and silver infused, are 10 millimeters in diameter and nearly reach the lobe. These understated classics are great for the office and the bar because of how versatile they are.

Stunning details, like our sterling silver 40mm twist glitter hoop earrings, are perfect for those with a more flamboyant flair. Alternately, you might show off your daring side with these 65mm, 9ct yellow gold silver infused simple hoop earrings.

Opt for a more modern style with pave crystal diamonds, mesh, Greek keys, or even two-tone, or go for a plain and classic option. Convince them that a larger hoop equals a more generous heart.

Hoop earrings

Drop Earrings

For those moments when you desire to turn heads. No matter the occasion—a night out with the girls, a first date, a formal event, or simply days when you want to put a little additional pep in your step—drop earrings are the perfect accessory.

You can go from ultra-classic to totally edgy by experimenting with different colors and styles. Shapes abound, ranging from the ubiquitous spherical drop to more unusual options like infinity, four-leaf clover, butterfly, leaf, and more.

Our interlocking drop earrings made of sterling silver and set with cubic zirconias are the epitome of style. Want to take a risk? No matter the light, these beautiful 9-carat yellow gold mosaic triplet opal earrings will be the center of attention.

Wearing your hair in a high bun or ponytail can make your drop earrings pop even more. If you want to make a statement with big drop earrings, wear little jewelry to avoid drawing too much attention to yourself.

Drop Earrings

Shop Glyters for purposeful accessories

A lovely pair of earrings will always be in vogue, even when fashions come and go. Earrings, which were once considered a feminine accessory, are now accessible to all men as societal norms have shifted.

The clothes we wear on a daily basis not only reflect our character but also have the power to influence our state of mind. Glyters strongly believes in this. Find the perfect pair of earrings – studs, hoops, or drops – to complement your outfit or give as a gift from our extensive assortment.